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Abdhul Bari Khan
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My account is rocking. Appreciate Suresh sir for your sound & deep analysis of the stocks bought. I have doubled my funds in the account now.
Sriramoju Vinay Kumar
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This is the best platform for stock market education services and also they are giving advice on stocks and also this is the best place for all and very comfortable to know about the stock market.
Sai krishna
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Any form of investment, be it mutual funds or equity, needs to monitored periodically to understand its performance and growth. I found all these qualities in Ankura Suresh. Thanks for providing best services.

Our board

Suresh Gunda

Founder, CEO

Trading is one of the hardest ways to make Profits, however for Suresh Gunda, Trading isn’t really hard.

Indeed, Trading is not everyone’s cup of tea. Suresh says that an amount of Patience, Risk & Stress management, years of effort and hard work made him a profitable Trader and established his Company – Ankura.

Trading is a battle within you and success comes from love and passion for the market and unlike usual traders . However, earning Money is secondary to him but primary goal is to become a successful trader, make the best trades, and help others to be successful in trading.

Don’t be greedy, and it is the technical knowledge that decides your profit or loss, and make sure you always have a stop loss in place and your emotional stop loss won’t work here.

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Venkat Basani

HR & Director

DIN Number: 08628739

Mobile: +91 800 881 3670

Vinay Rayabarapu

DMH & Director

DIN Number 08789988

Mobile: +91 901 468 4986

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