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We will open a 100% free Demat account for you, and you fund it with min. 2 lakh investment and let our experts handle it and get you profits.



Average Returns

₹ 2,73,000

Average Investment


Earn first, Pay later

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Our Certifications

3rd Consecutive Winner Certificate from India’s Biggest Stock Broking Company – ZERODHA

What is Ankura Corporate Solutions?

We are registered as a Sub-broker & Authorized Person (AP) of B N Rathi Securities Ltd.(SEBI Registered). Our endeavor is to build wealth for our investors while mitigating downside risk.                

Secured Returns

We will diversify your portfolio with 70% for long term investment and 30% for day trading

Attractive Returns

Get assured expected attractive interest rates from 25-50% per anum on your investment.

Earn First, Pay Later

No hidden fee/charges. Pay only when you get your profits.

Outgrow your money

Our experts are qualified to help you not only deal with the demands of wealth but also help you and your family make the most of all it has to offer. Start your journey with Ankura today.

Complete transparency

There is no other structure available that gives clients as much control, access, flexibility, follows principles of successful investing & provides complete transparency of investors funds.


Paperless process

It's a very easy and convenient way to open a Demat account with us. Our team will help you get instantly sign up to open the account in a paperless process. Come, join us today.

Security on

7 years of experience

Ankura, with over 7 years expertise in Financial Markets and as a trusted Wealth Management advisor offers a comprehensive wealth management solution for you.

How Ankura Works?

Ankura will help you open a 100% free Demat account and you find it with a minimum investment of 2 lakhs and we will assign an expert to handle it and get you assured profits of 25-50% annually on your investment.

Why Ankura Corporate Solutions?

Ankura, with over 7 years expertise in Financial Markets and as a trusted Wealth Management Adviser in Hyderabad will offer a comprehensive wealth management solution for you. Praise for our work makes us happy—but it’s the way our work impacts people’s lives that really tells us how well we’ve done.


Our Mission

We are a team of wealth managers who focus on providing direction to a clients financial decisions, and also enable them to achieve their financial and investment goals. Ankura is a unique service provider whose aim is to transform clients’ dreams into reality.

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Thoroughly Analysis

The ultimate goal of every investor is to make a profit. Our stock market experts advisors at Ankura, with solid research, study of trends, charts & patterns and in-depth analysis, picks the right stocks using fundamental analysis and technical analysis.


Diversified Stocks

Diversification is the key to maintain risk levels at the lowest and make an effective investment plan. Considering the movement of the market, our experts will help distribute financial risks across different instruments and different industries to maintain a balance.

Did you know?

If you had invested 1 lakh in Eicher stock in 2011, today you would have Rs. 2 crores

Comparison with Other Investment Options

Note: Above returns are calculated for 12 months.

What our investors are saying?

Abdhul Bari Khan
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My portfolio is rocking. Appreciate Suresh sir for your sound & deep analysis of the stocks bought. I have doubled my funds in the account now.
Sriramoju Vinay Kumar
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This is the best services provide stock market education service and also they are giving advice on stocks and also this is the best place for all and very comfortable to know about the stock market.💰💸💲
Sai krishna
Read More
Any form of investment, be it mutual funds or equity, needs to monitored periodically to understand its performance and growth. I found all these qualities in Ankura Suresh. Thanks for providing best advisory services.

Recent trades

Managed by our industry experts, Check out our recent trades, which have outperformed well and created wealth for our customers.

AU Small Finance Bank

Bought atRs. 879
Sold atRs. 998
Return %13.5%
Time taken3 days

Graphite India Ltd.

Bought atRs. 335
Sold atRs. 410
Return %22.3%
Time taken

1 week

Trigyn Technologies Ltd.

Bought atRs. 45
Sold atRs. 89
Return %97.7%
Time taken40 days

Note: All the above stocks were updated on 08/02/2021. Past performance may not be a measure of future returns.

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